10 Questions to Help You Choose the Right Janitorial Provider

10 Questions to Help You Choose the Right Janitorial Provider

Deciding on a company to complete your businesses clean can be daunting. We’re here to help with a list of questions proven to make the switch much simpler.

#1 What accounts do you service with similar needs as mine?

Consider if your prospective commercial cleaning company has experience working with similar accounts as yours. If you are looking for auto dealership cleaning, you will want to employ a cleaning service company with experience under their belt that matches your needs.

#2 Do all your employees go through a training program?

Each employee of your prospective janitorial company should undergo training regardless of whether or not they have held a similar job before. In addition, your facility has unique needs so, you should look for a company who has training geared towards those needs.

#3 Do you only offer Janitorial services? Or are there additional services you offer?

Employing a well-rounded cleaning company who offers additional services beyond clean and sanitation saves you the time and money of needing a secondary company. Consider what your needs are beyond cleaning. Will you need your carpets cleaned or flooring scrubbed? Find a company that offers a wide range of services.

#4 How do I reach you if there is a problem with my service?

Consider the communication style of your prospective janitorial company. You will want to be sure that you have a contact you can readily reach to discuss questions, concerns, or requests.

#5 Do you have references?

Always ask your cleaning company for references during your walkthrough. This will provide you a real look as to how the clean of other facility’s service has gone.

#6 Are you insured?

Ensure that your cleaning company has proper insurance. Generally, a commercial cleaning company should have general liability insurance, workers compensation insurance, automobile liability insurance, as well as umbrella coverage.

#7 How do you screen your employees and complete background checks?

Every janitorial service company should, in the least, ensure their employees have no criminal history. Further than this, you want a company who works to employ hard working candidates that will treat your facility with the upmost care. A company that takes shortcuts in this process puts your own business at risk.

#8 What kind of quality control checks do you use to assure reliability through accountability?

Discover how the prospective cleaners track and manage the quality of their work. Do they have software to facilitate problem reporting? Do they respond promptly to your requests and concerns?

#9 Do you have an effective system in place to communicate problems and requirements to your cleaners?

Your cleaning company should have a system in place to communicate client requests in real time in order to provide you with the most responsive service.

#10 What kinds of cleaning products and cleaning supplies do you use?

The use of quality cleaning products allows a safe and healthy clean for your facility. Ask your provider about what products they would be using to complete your clean.