Hello! My name is Stephanie,

I am the founder and owner of Sort of Stephanie.


I started this company because of my passion for cleaning and organizing. Yeah yeah, I know, who in their right mind loves to clean and organize, right? Well, I am that rare breed that can’t watch a tv show unless the dishes are clean, the bed is made and the house is picked up!

I'm that friend that would come over to hang out and catch up over a glass of wine. However, instead of sipping that glass of wine I would start cleaning & organizing your place. It became such a passion, I would be at work cleaning and organizing closets and employees desks instead of doing my actual job. Over time I had  friends reach out to me asking if I could come help them get organized and clean their homes. Of course I jumped at it.

I was already doing it for free!

That is when the light bulb turned on and the idea of opening my own cleaning and organizing

business came to fruition!

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