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Professional Carpet Care

Why Maintenance your Building’s Carpet?


Achieve Longer Lasting Carpets and Improved Air Quality through Professional Carpet Maintenace.

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Dream Team Janitorial Service

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Janitorial Provider


Take your facility to the next level with a quality, professional clean. You’ll reap the benefits.

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Commercial Clean

10 Questions to Help You Choose the Right Janitorial Provider


Deciding on a company to complete your businesses clean can be daunting. We’re here to help with a list of questions proven to make the switch much simpler.

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Floor Scrubbing and Floor Buffing

Floor Scrubbing vs Buffing. What’s the Difference?


Routine maintenance is important to keep up the quality of your flooring. Find out which service is right for you!

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Tissue Test for a Thorough Clean

What is the “Tissue Test?”


Make sure even those hard to reach areas are spotless!

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Background Checks for Janitorial employees

Reasons your Janitorial Company needs to Perform Background Checks on Employees


Ensure the technicians responsible for the clean of your facility are trustworthy and reliable.

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