Why Maintenance your Building’s Carpet?

Why Maintenance your Building’s Carpet?

#1 One of the first things a prospective client will see when walking into your facility is the flooring. So, maintaining the luster of the carpet is an imperative aspect of your business. Clean carpets leave a Lasting Impact on Clients and Visitors!

#2 Dirt, debris and dust from carpet pollutes the surrounding air causing allergens to people who occupy the space. Not to mention odor, as well. A properly deep cleaned carpet traps the debris and eliminates the smell before it becomes problem.

#3 A clean office is a productive one! Encourage and motivate your employees by ensuring they have a clean, hospitable environment to do their work. The psychological impact of a clean workspace allows employees to be creative and productive!

#4 Your flooring was an investment, so taking care of it should be too. When spills and stains happen, you might be tempted to handle the aftercare yourself, but renting a carpet cleaning machine is not the same as hiring a professional. The Sort of Stephanie team are trained to know exactly how to treat your flooring.

The key to longer lasting carpet is proper maintenance!